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The story.

Once upon a time, this house was alive, trampled by footsteps and the tinkle of laughter; the baritone of the gramophone and the clinking glasses; the smell of incense in the wind and the lilting morning flute. There were mirth and gaiety, festivity and fun. The chandeliers in the ballroom sparkled more than the pearls around the necks of memsahibs that danced under it. And the silver tip of the hookah glistened more in the afternoon sun. Till on a fateful stormy night, destiny had other things in store.



While it is an inspired period piece, Raajkutir is also a boutique hotel, perfectly suited for the global traveller and complete with contemporary amenities. Saunter across to the café cum deli for a quick bite or wander through the artisans’ gallery. Drop in at the bar and enjoy some brandy or head to the Spa for some R&R. Or, if you wish, just… do nothing and let Raajkutir draw you in with its myriad stories from the bygone era.



Elegant Dining At Raajkutir Wedding

Plan a wedding at Raajkutir and mesmerize your guests with the special antique charm exuded by every wall of this property. Whether it’s a neat, close-knit affair with your dear ones or a lavish gala, we have spaces to suit your every requirement.

Fine Dining At Raajkutir Corporate

Move over the jagged straight lines of a corporate banquets. Give your business meetings a vintage twist. Whether under the stars or underneath magnificent chandeliers, Raajkutir has spaces to suit your every need.

Elegant Breakfast Table At Raajkutir Parties

Throw a party to remember at Raajkutir’s premises. Intricate crystal chandeliers, blue-domed ceiling and chequered marble floor – or a soiree under the open sky – priceless! Be a magnificent host of a magnificent party at Raajkutir.