Welcome to Raajkutir – A Boutique Hotel, city of joy Kolkata !

Raajkutir is the imaginary story of Kaliprasanna Singha and his family. The story of how he single-handedly ousted the British from his beloved Swabhumi and protected his subjects and home from British subservience. Post his passing away, his eldest able son Nrishinghoprotap becomes the Raja and takes over with his able wife and Ranima, Soudamini. This is the story of the three brothers and their children and how each contribute to the household magic and drama. There is laughter and mirth and magic in the air till one of the sons of Rajababu who is a swadeshi masterminds a bombing that fails, and as the British cover up on the house on a fateful stormy night, the sound of bullets pierce the darkness and there is a deafening silence.

To know about “The Untold Story” kindly read the “Coffee Table book which is kept in your room. At any point would you like to purchase one kindly contact reception and my team will be happy to assist you on the same.

You may explore the service experience during your stay to know more on Raajkutir,

During your stay we invite you to enjoy our traditional rituals as below –

  • To start the day with morning flute – instrumental classical at the courtyard from 8am to 9 am (as per weather permits) .
  • Assemble at the courtyard in the evening by 6:30 pm (Summer) and 5:30pm (Winter) for property tour, storytelling followed by Sandha pradeep – lighting of diya in water fountain and all areas.
  • Evening puja at Tulsithan with dhup and dhuno.
  • Daily alternate half an hour performance in the evening.
  • Baul song (regional classical song with dance performance) at courtyard.
  • Dhunochi nach (regional traditional dance performance) at courtyard.
  • Daily morning traditional cutting tea in your room as per your preferred time.

Our All day dinning East India Room offering a stylized interpretation of the, “Colonial Companion,” Indian dining experience which developed during the British Raj in India, as the British wives interacted with their Indian cooks.

In-Room Dining is diverse and comprehensive in its offering and is available round the clock.

At Raajkutir, we strive to deliver the highest level of service and wish you a comfortable stay experience. Please contact the Reception at extension 2004 for any assistance.

Best Regards,

Rakesh Ranjan
Business Head & General Manager