Once upon a time, this house was alive.

Trampled by footsteps and the tinkle of laughter; the baritone of the gramophone and the clinking glasses, the smell of incense in the wind and the lilting morning flute.

This is the imaginary story of Kaliprasanna Singha and his family. The story of how he single-handedly ousted the British from his beloved Swabhumi and protected his subjects and home from British domination. After his death, his eldest able son Nrishinghoprotap took over with his able wife and Ranima, Soudamini.

There were mirth and gaiety, festivity and fun.

The chandeliers in the ballroom sparkled more than the pearls around the necks of memsahibs that danced under it. And the silver tip of the hookah glistened more in the afternoon sun.

There was love in the air and around every corner.

This house was witness to many hues of red: foreheads, shy feet in palanquins and the deep blush on a coy bride.

Till on a fateful stormy night, destiny had other things in store.

But the house lived on.

To tell its tale. The Story Untold.

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